Ministries - Volunteering

All of our ministries and committees are in need of volunteers.  Please contact Mary, Gate of Heaven Parish if you are able to help!  Check back here soon for more opportunities and contacts.


Volunteers are needed for Mary, Gate of Heaven mailings.  There are four(4) mailings each year and these are prepared at St. Mary Parish Center, usually on a Thursday morning after 8:00am.  Attend when you can, stay as long as you can.  Normally, the work is finished by 11:00 am.  Duties include folding, stuffing and labeling for large  mailings.  Both men and women are welcome to help out.   Please contact Paula Taylor at 860-292-1700 or Marilyn Stratton 860-627-9469.


Substitutes are needed for all grade levels.

Please contact Marilyn Stratton at 860-627-9469 to volunteer.  No special background is required!


The Immaculate Conception Shelter is located at the corner of Park and Hungerford Streets in Hartford.  We are currently in need of a coordinator for the Immaculate Conception Shelter Dinners, which are served by our parishes on the first Monday of each month.  Volunteers from both parishes cook the food and bring it HOT to St. Mary parking lot on the day of the dinner.  Gail and her crew of five or six parishioners then transport the food to the shelter and serve dinner to the residents.  The shelter is open from October through May.  During October and November we serve 75-80 men.  During the months of December through April, referred to as "no freeze" time, the shelter accepts anyone who does not have a place to stay, and that number doubles to 150+ men.  During the summer months Gail collects items each week that men in the shelter will need.

Volunteers are always needed to cook or bake for the Immaculate Conception Shelter dinners, which are held on the first Monday of each month. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact St. Mary Rectory at 860-623-2524.  Food should be dropped off HOT at St. Mary Church parking lot between 5:30 and 5:45 PM.  Thank you for your continued support.


We need volunteers for the EVANGELIZATION & STEWARDSHIP COMMITTEE, and the only requirement for joining this committee is a love of people and a desire to provide opportunities for every parish member to grow his/her love of Christ.  

The committee meets monthly and as required to support scheduled activities.  Current members include Father O'Grady, Rhonda Frechette, Ann Petcovich, Paul & Gloria Rucci, Nancy Stimac, Mary & Larry Galarneau, Deb Windish, and Fran Johnstone.  Please contact Gloria Rucci at 860-623-2943, or any member of our team to learn more.






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